Timber Frame & Architectural Beam Work

Timber frame homes offer a very open floor plan with breathtaking beam work. The beauty of the timber frame structure is that it allows for a multitude of exterior finishes, some of which may lower the need for maintenance and upkeep. We also build architectural beams into existing structures to make them more aesthetically appealing. Burk Construction will build custom timber frame structures from new or vintage materials.

Timber frames are one of the most versatile forms of construction systems. They have the ability to meld into any project large or small, elaborate or simple, and they can take on a life of their own. Timber frames have the ability to create wide-open spaces, high vaulted ceilings, or intimate lofts. There is something for everyone in a custom designed timber frame from the species of wood and the finishes to the embellishments and joinery. Let us help you integrate heavy timber trusses, structural beams, or an entire bent system into your next project.

A vintage timber frame is one of our favorite structures to design and build. Due to the fact that materials are irregular and difficult to work with, we often have to design structures around available timbers. This doesn’t limit the possibilities of design, it creates unique situations and design elements that can be integrated into your project in special ways. After all, if you can’t fix it, feature it!

Architectural beams are a highly attractive way to add dimension and depth to any open space. Beams are available in a wide range of finishes from antique hand-hewn, new planned, to smooth sanded, and white washed. Architectural beams include: straight beams, box beams, trusses, headers, mantles, doorposts, brackets, and porch beams.

Burk Construction can provide new eastern white pine, Douglas fur, oak and a variety of wood species for timber frames. We offer several different finishes, joinery, and embellishment options. Of course, as with all of our timber frame and log structures, design services are available. All timber frames can be finished with a variety of exterior finishes; such as brick, stone, shakes, and other finishes.