Log Home Construction

Burk Construction
timber frame stone fireplace

Log cabins conjure up the image of a simpler time when family, friends, and the land meant something to settlers. However, in modern times, we want our log cabins built with the craftsmanship of an earlier era but with modern conveniences. We work with our clients to design a log cabin that incorporates their taste and preferences into an inviting, comfortable home. We also take great measures to ensure that our log cabins, whether vintage or new, are highly energy efficient. All of our log structures either meet or exceed new energy standards.

We move, restore and build vintage log cabins, or we can incorporate vintage logs into custom structures. Vintage cabins and cabins built from antique materials offer years of time worn patina that cannot be captured in a modern cabin. These logs were hand hewn over 100 years ago by rural Americans who chose the tallest, strongest trees. These cabins also have the added benefit of having logs that have dried for over 100 years, which significantly reduces the risk of shrinkage, settlement and movement.

For those clients who prefer a new log structure, we offer new hand-hewn log homes by Hearthstone Inc. These log structures still possess all the elements of a true Appalachian style log home. Hearthstone is a new log and timber frame kit company located in Dandridge, TN. Hearthstone offers hand-hewn and full scribe log kit packages and timber frame kit packages. Hand-hewn logs are the traditional 200 year old logs that are hewn flat with dovetail corners and chinking between logs. Full scribe logs are round and carved to fit each other and there is no chinking between logs. Hearthstone Inc. also offers kits for commercial projects. Just like our other construction services, Hearthstone Inc, working with Burk Construction can custom design a kit which incorporates hybrid packages featuring both log and timber components. We are a Hearthstone authorized turn-key builder..