What is the Cost of a Log or Timber Frame Home?

There is little difference in the overall cost of a log home vs. a timber frame home. Finishes mainly drive the cost of a home. Most of the projects we’ve been involved with were perfect examples of this. About 15-25% was site development and infrastructure. About 25% was structural. The remaining 50-60% was the interior and exterior finishes. Finishes include: all skin, floors, cabinets, masonry work, fixtures, closets, appliances, trim, stairs, paint, counters, gutters, HVAC, hot water, dimmers, and everything else in between!

To control the cost of your project is to get a handle on the cost of finishes. You can have a home built that’s as big as a barn very cheap, or you can build very small and very expensive. We can help you determine what the finishes you expect in your project will cost and give you alternative ideas if necessary to help you fulfill your needs.

A rule of thumb is that most average log or timber homes structural packages run anywhere from $50-$70 a square ft. add in cost of site work and utilities at about $25-$35, and finishes at $70-$110 a ft. You come out with a range of $145.00- $215.00 per sq ft. Of course on very special projects or ones with logistics issues, these numbers could be considerably higher. Another thing to consider is that 90% of the time smaller isn’t cheaper. The same steps are involved in a small project as in a medium to large project. Materials can’t be bought in bulk, staging each step of the project takes the same time as larger projects and time consumed making small decisions and choices is no less than with it’s larger counterpart. The best plan is to design around your budget..