What Does Burk Construction Include in the Packages They Provide?

Typically we or our suppliers provide “all things structural.” Every package is custom tailored to your specific needs and is never limited to a “rubber stamp” design that won’t fit your family’s lifestyle. We offer pre-engineered, pre-designed plans at a reduced cost to those that are on a tighter budget or can provide a more flexible design. But if you can’t be flexible, we will be!

A structural package would normally include: the logs, timbers, gable framing, porch roof framing, loft floor framing, rafters or trusses, structural hardware and chinking materials, and all the 2x decking to cover the porch roof deck, loft floors, and main roof decks. Sometimes we will price in the package an insulated roof system and stains, sealers, caulking, borate log treatment, and full structural installation service.

If you plan to build yourself, make sure you really understand what’s included in the package quotes you receive. Even subtle differences like pre-notched logs or precut rafters can make or break the outcome of your project. Some companies shave here and there in an attempt to “up sell” you later. You never come out ahead. We will do our very best to interpret your needs right the first time and quote you what you need and want. .