Do Log Buildings or Timber Structures Require a lot of Maintenance?

The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies here. Wood finishes are not created equal! The more you do up front to your wood structure in the way of stains, sealers, caulking, and chinking, the less worry you will have that your investment will be protected down the road. Many homeowners make the mistake thinking these massive structures are invincible, but without armor they can’t withstand the elements. On our antique log cabins and timber frames, we use our “special” hot sealer. This sealer penetrates deep into the wood pores and repels moisture before it has a chance to set in and cause long-term damage.

On the new log cabins and timbers where the wood has a higher moisture level, we use acrylic based finishes that are more elastic and breathable. This protects the wood as it continues to cure out while providing a certain level of protection against mildew, mold, and bugs. Typically, we recommend that your structure be inspected annually for signs of deterioration or breakdown in the finishes.

As required, Burk Construction offers a maintenance service that can keep your home in top condition. Our services include: power washing, caulking, staining, sealing, chink touch up or re-chinking as required, chink paint, log end sealing, and in extreme cases complete stripping, re-staining and sealing. When staining and sealing we use NBS-30. This product helps to repel wood boring bees, wasps, ladybugs, and flies. It is not a perfect product (there isn’t one!), but it does add a degree of protection to your home..